• Premium QualityAirlaid Napkins are the modern and less expensive alternative to linen and can be printed or embossed with your logo.
  • Eco-FriendlyClean, hygienic and eco-friendly (FSC Approved)
  • Imported from EuropeDesigned to be suitable for home and for corporate entertaining or for professional catering.
  • New! Luxury 73gsmFor extra fine dining this high quality paper napkin is perfectly suited for restaurants, hotels, conference- and wedding venues, airlines, railways and just about anywhere there is a dining table.
  • Personalised NapkinsAirlaid napkins can be printed or foiled to make your wedding day even more special.
High Quality Single Use Airlaid Napkins

Lunch Napkins

Standard Range

Half Fold Guest/Lunch, Airlaid Napkins in White


Cocktail Napkins

Plume Range

Imported & available in a variety of colours.


Extra Fine Dining

Standard Range

Airlaid paper is very strong, porous and soft.


Fine Dining Napkins

Plume Range

Quality far beyond any other napkin.

What are Airlaid Napkins

Linen-feel napkins or Airlaid Napkins are commonly made of nonwoven fabrics for a soft, cloth texture with a textile-like drape. They are made of air-laid paper, and are non-linting with no dust and no static. Air-laid paper is cellulose-based products with a binder infused in them for stability and softness.

Air-laid paper offers an environmentally-friendly product, great for eco-conscious operators. It's made by converting soft, random-laid fibers made from wood pulp or synthetic fibers into a sturdy and absorbent web, using air instead of water to transfer the fibers. Synthetic resin bonding agents are then applied to the pulp web with a spray process. The air space created in manufacturing the web accounts for its light weight in comparison to its bulk.

Compared with normal wet-laid paper, air-laid paper is much softer, fluffier, and more porous. It can be dyed, printed, embossed, coated, and made solvent resistant, and it is very absorbent.

The Benefits

 Cost Effective



 Extra Absorbent

 Soft & non-linting

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